Before you give up, watch this

A poem for finding hope when you've lost it

Maybe there is no answer.

Maybe you have been searching for

And waiting on

And bleeding in the absence of

Something that does not exist 

And never will:


There were times you thought you found “it”

Times you thought you’d never fall back

When the magical potion or psychotropic drug

Words of Inspiration, motivation, or scientific fact

Seemed powerful enough

To transform your life

Your Self


You found the truth

Or so you thought

And you believed you became whole.

But each high was followed by a low

Each step up by one back

Confounded by

The disappointment of

Expectations dashed

Dreams broken.

Why did you hope so hard?

And yet

Each time you failed and tried again

You became stronger

More capable of

Owning, directing, transforming

Finding meaning

And up became a little more up

And down a little less deep.

Now when you’re high and you remind yourself

A low is bound to come

It no longer scares you

‘Cuz when you’re low you know for certain

You will bounce back up again

And when you’re lost within a tunnel

You know soon you’ll see the light

You know the longer you’re alive

The better you will get at life

From but the sheer amount of practice

You stop trying to escape.

And in a still moment

While being carried by the tides 

You tap into 

Something Beautiful


Something real and stable


Someone who

Can hold a lifetime’s memories

Stay whole in a shattered world

Breath in the energy that

Pulsates in the present moment

In the joy and courage

In the tension and fatigue

In the light and in the darkness

When you stop searching for perfection

And instead embrace

The messy now

You find “it”.

You find G-d.

There is an answer.

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