Reason's to love yourself

When you don't look the way you want to or feel the way you think you should

Choose love.

Not because you believe you deserve it.

Not because you look the way you want to or feel the way you think you should.

Not because you have accomplished and attained your goals.

Visions materialized, gifts  actualized

Choose love.

When the demons inside you awaken and you want to shove them aside

When fear locks you inside you, and you want to run away

When you fall back into patterns you thought you had mastered, transformed

Choose love

When societal standards render you inadequate

When the internal prosecution yells “Guilty!”

Choose love when your achievements fall far below your expectations

When you feel worthy of rejection

Broken beyond repair

Choose love when you feel unlovable 

Choose love.

For what you believe is ugly about you 

For the pain that rips at your heart, 

The fear that clouds your mind, 

The walls that stifle your soul

The habits that get in the way of all you ever dreamed you would become

Choose love for the part of you that hates you.

Choose love.


There is nothing more clarifying than an open heart

Nothing more powerful than a compassionate disposition

Nothing more beautiful than a person who feels at home in their own skin

Choose love because there is nothing that’ll make you more loveable, than love itself.

Love heals

Because it allows you to embrace pain rather than overworking or overindulging to escape it

Love transforms

Because if you love yourself, you’ll treat yourself like you would someone you love

Love connects

Because when it fills you it shines its light on those nearby

Choose love because love is a choice. Now.

No matter what you did one minute, one day, or one week ago,

Choose love and it will form from you the person you believe is deserving of it.

So choose love, Love.

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